"The ultimate goal of Kyuki-Do is to spark the growth and development of the spirit, mind and body, and to encourage contribution for the greater good of society." - Grand Master Ok Hyung Kim -

Grand Master KimOn behalf of the American Kyuki-Do Federation and its members, I would like to welcome you. 

The American Kyuki-Do Federation is committed to helping our students grow spiritually, mentally and physically.

It is my hope that your Kyuki-Do training will help you discover your own inner strength and develop and perfect both your mental health and your physical health.

- Grand Master Ok Hyung Kim, The Art of Kyuki-Do

Summer Tournament is August 9th!
 Are YOU ready? 

Upcoming Events

7/31/2014 24 Hour Kyuki-do Kamp Sale!

Come back on July 31st! 24 hour sale, and special savings on 3 or more campers (per immediate family!)


8/1/2014-8/3/2014 Master Mullis Sword Seminars

Join us for this special event!

Master Mullis will be in town to teach a Korean Sword Seminar in basic and advanced Haidong Gumdo Techniques. Cutting, blocking, transitions, stance...


8/9/2014 Summer Tournament of Champions!

Event now open! Register today!


10/4/2014 Fall Tournament of Champions 2014

Details Coming soon!


11/7/2014-11/9/2014 2014 Black Belt Extravaganza!

Details Coming Soon!


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